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  • TarihDecember 7-13, 2008. (Seven full days) 
  • Amaç

    The actual state of the program is below. Each talk will last 110 minutes with a break of 10 minutes in the middle. The timetable will be available later. 

    If you want to propose a lecture please write to Ali Nesin ( Single talks are welcome. Graduate students may expose their ongoing research.

  • Ücret

    No registration fee. For accomodation and three nefis meals a day: 20 YTL/day for students (or whatever they can afford), 30 YTL/day for assistants and staff, 60 YTL for those who have a research grant. There are some pensions at Sirince as well.

    We may arrange a bus from Istanbul to Sirince. Please register before 01.12.2008 so that we have time to do the necessary arrangements.

    For registration write to, for information

Nesin Matematik Köyü Etkinlikleri

I. Introduction to Banach Spaces by Ali Nesin
Prerequisites: Mathematical maturity.

II. Introduction to Spectral Theory by Selçuk Demir
Hilbert Spaces. Operators on Hilbert spaces, adjoint of an operator, compact operators. Spectral theorem for compact self-adjoint operators. Some applications to group representations
: Basic real and complex analysis, linear algebra and some measure theory (Specially for some interesting examples).

III. Vector Lattices, Banach Lattices and Positive Operators by Zafer Ercan


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