A Collaborative Research Workshop: Women in Shape-2: Modeling Boundaries of Objects in 2- and 3-Dimensions

  • TarihJune 6-12, 2016 
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    Unlike the traditional workshop format, the focus is not on disseminating previous research results. The goal is to carry out few designated research projects that will be started during the meeting and will lead to a sustainable collaboration among the participants.

    We welcome applications from women researchers at various stages in their careers (from graduate student to senior researcher) from all over the world to foster research collaboration and mentorship.

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    Program Organizers
    Erin Wolf Chambers, Saint Louis University
    Asli Genctav, METU (contact for applicants from Europe, Asia and Africa)
    Evelyne Hubert, INRIA
    Kathryn Leonard, CSU Channel Islands (contact for applicants from America and Australia)
    Geraldine Morin, University of Toulouse
    Sibel Tari, METU (host)
    Noha El-Zehiry, Siemens Medical Solutions USA, Inc.



    Participants will spend one week working together in small groups to solve one of three open questions in shape modeling. Likely topics include understanding shape complexity from multiple perspectives, generating discrete formulations of variational problems and optimizing solutions, and developing flexible, robust, and compact skeletal representations of three-dimensional shapes.

    Travel Funding:
    Some funding for travel expenses will be available. Deadline for travel funding: 30 Jan 2016. 
Kayıt ve başvuru işlemleriyle ilgili sorularınız için

asli@ceng.metu.edu.tr (for applicants from Europe, Asia and Africa)

kathryn.leonard@csuci.edu (for applicants from America and Australia)

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