Frequently Asked Questions

Answer: At the Mathematics Village one can do mathematics of any kind and at any level. For example, this is how a typical summer school goes: some of us stay in the stone houses while others stay in tents. We wake up at 7 in the morning. There are lectures between 8:00 and 12:00 and from 16:00 to 20:00. High school students attend all the lectures (8 hours in total, 4 lectures a day each lasting two hours). University students attend at least two lectures a day. These lectures are given by professional mathematicians, but sometimes students can give a lecture or one or two seminars on a given subject. At night, students work alone or in groups. Thursday is our day off. Students organize ınto groups of three and these groups accomplish chores such as cleaning (bathrooms included!), cooking, dishwashing and gardening, in rotation. Researchers can bury themselves in their work and not speak to anyone if they so desire. Outside the summer months, friendly or family meetings, or even honeymoons may be organized at the Village. For information about this topic please write to

Answer: There are three possibilities: 

Organizing an event. For example: teaching children ages 13-15, or mature students. You can also ask us for assistance in this project. If you are a mathematics teacher at a school, you may want to spend a week together with your students. Or you may prefer to visit for one day only. If you are a researcher, you may want to come to the village by yourself, with your loved ones or with fellow researchers and concentrate on your work, all amenities provided. You may want to organize small meetings, seminars or workshops (for up to 40 people). For information about this topic please write to

  1. Participating in one of the Village`s events. To see our list of events click here.
  2. Our events mostly take place on holidays and of course in the summer months. Those who would like to be our guests at the Village outside of these times may do so for a small fee. We think this will appeal to young groups especially.

Answer: Aside from 4 delicious meals a day and lodging, it offers mathematical training, a natural environment and peace. We have a closed lecture theatre and an open-air amphitheatre, each having the capacity to seat 60. We also have bleachers which seat 200 students at a time. For groups of 20-30 people, we have small bowers. We have terraces for those who want to study quietly. There is no swimming pool, public broadcasting of music or television. We try to protect our village from factors which could be detrimental to concentration. We have double rooms as well as “dorms” for 4, 6, 8 or 10 people. The Village houses are made of stone, mud and hay. VIP may prefer the more comfortable pensions of the nearby village of Şirince.

Answer: When we divide the annual expenses of the Village by the total number of overnight stays, we arrive at a fee of 60TL per night! We ask 50TL per person for staying in a tent, 70 for saying in a room. We try to waive or diminish this fee for university and high school students who do not have the means to pay these fees. Indeed, we have the immutable principle never to refuse any student on a financial basis. We are trying to obtain funding from organizations such as TÜBİTAK and UNESCO in order to decrease our fees. The price includes 4 meals a day, lodging and, of course, the lectures. Tea and water is free. Again, we try to aid researchers who do not have funding; the fee for those who do is 70TL. It must be pointed out that the Village is a non-profit organization. If at any point profit is made by mistake, the proceeds will be used in a way profitable to society, either through the Nesin Foundation or mathematics. However, until now all of our summer schools have ended at a loss, including 2011. If you wish to donate, the details are below.

Answer: Participants are expected not to disturb the peace, not to act disruptive in any way or disturb anyone (especially those working on mathematics), to adapt to a free environment, and to consider the Village their own. The limits of freedom at the Mathematic Village are only where the freedom of others, and the laws of the republic of Turkey, start. Students are expected to study hard enough to push their limits. Apart from this, students at the Village are expected, within their abilities, to put time aside to participate in the chores of the village. For example: watering the flowers and trees, gardening, dishwashing, cleaning, laundry, potato peeling, onion cutting… Of course, no one is asked to work beyond their capacity. Not only do these chores take up little time, but for whatever reason students have been noted to be more willing to study in this case.

Answer: No, the Mathematics Village does not seek profit. However, nor does it seek loss! It has been founded solely for the purpose of being useful to society and science. The Mathematic Village is owned by the Nesin Foundation. If at any point profit is made by mistake, the proceeds will be used in a way profitable to society, either through the Nesin Foundation or mathematics.


The owner of the Mathematics Village is the Nesin Foundation and you may make donations to the Foundation specific to the Village. A special account has been opened for this purpose:

Click to donate by credit card. 

Nesin Foundation Account info for your donations:

Nesin Foundation 
İş Bank, Parmakkapı Branch 
Branch code: 1042 
Account number: 0687054 

Nesin Foundation 
Vakıf Bank, Çatalca Branch 
Branch code: 00237 
Account number: 00158007272068355 
IBAN: TR730001500158007272068355 

The donations will be directed to the Village. As of February 2012, we need approximately 800.000 TL in order to finish building (6 houses and a library). We have inscribed the names of those who have donated 1000 TL and more on a marble plaque at the entrance to the Village. We thank you for your donations in the name of mathematics and the young who will profit from learning it.

Click here for the list of contributors to the Village to date.