Workshop on Integer Partitions

  • DatesMay 21-25, 2018 (Arrival to the Village: 20 May 2018, departure from the Village: 25 May 2018)  
  • AimsTo introduce the audience to the integer partitions research, classical and brand new. The topics of the workshop will be self contained and no previous knowledge will be required. We are only requiring the participants` willingness to learn new ideas. This workshop is suitable for any audience that is at least at the level of an upper undergraduate at mathematics. 
  • Who may participate?Upper undergraduate or Graduate student with basic mathematical maturity and a strong interest in integer partitions.  
  • Quota 20 person
  • FeesThe fee is 625 TL for dormitories. This covers accomodation, four meals a day and all the facilities that the Village offer. If you need financial support please write it to application form. 
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Aslı Can Korkmaz (
Nesin Matematik Köyü Etkinlikleri

08:30-10:00 AU: Introduction to the theory of partitions and q-series, Ferrers diagrams and other representations, Rogers-Ramanujan and EPNT
10:30-12:00 KK: Introduction to partitions, and elementary q-series identities
14:30-16:00 CJS: Introduction to congruences for q-series and partition functions
16:30-18:00 ZZ: Introduction to MacMahon`s Partition Analysis and it`s algorithmic versions

08:30-10:00 ZZ: The Geometry of Partition Analysis
10:30-12:00 AU: A more combinatorial approach to partitions, Stanley Weights and 4-decorated Ferrers diagrams. Weighted partition identities
14:30-16:00 KK: elementary q-series identities
16:30-18:00 CJS: More on partitions congruences; the rank and crank of partitions

08:30-10:00 CJS: Bailey`s Lemma and Bailey pairs
10:30-12:00 KK: Functional equations and Rogers-Ramanujan identities
14:30-16:00 AU: More on weighted partition identities
16:30-18:00 ZZ: Plane Partitions and Applications

08:30-10:00 CJS: Continuing with Bailey`s Lemma
10:30-12:00 KK: Rogers-Ramanujan-Gordon identities and generalizations
14:30-16:00 ZZ: Geometry of Partitions and Bijections
16:30-18:00 AU: More on weighted partition identities and partition inequalities

08:30-10:00 AU: More on weighted partition identities and partition inequalities
10:30-12:00 KK: A different approach to Rogers-Ramanujan-Gordon generalizations
14:30-16:00 ZZ: Geometry of Partition Inequalties? Open Problems
16:30-18:00 CJS: Generalizing ranks and cranks to other partition functions

UA: Ali Kemal Uncu
CJS: Christopher Jennings-Shaffer
KK: Kağan Kurşungöz
ZZ: Zafeirakis Zafeirakopoulos