2012 Undergraduate and Graduate Summer School

  • DatesThe TMD (Turkish Mathematical Society) Undergraduate and Graduate Summer School will take place between July 9th and September 23rd 2012. You will find the current state of the programme below.  
  • Who may participate?
    Any student registered in a university mathematics degree may register for a suitable portion of the summer school. Exceptions can be made for students from other departments if enough places are available. (Students that have not yet finished their first year may attend the high school summer school, and add a few courses suitable to their level from the undergraduate programme. These students might be interested in the courses labelled "beginners" below, coloured in blue.)
  • Fees
    The normal daily fee is 70 TL; the fee is only 50 TL for those staying in tents. This covers both lodging, 4 meals a day and all the facilities that the Village offer.
  • Information

    Application: Click here for the application form for the 2012 TMD Summer School. Please send the completed form to orhanbagadir@nesinvakfi.org. You will receive a confirmation e-mail to notify you that your application has indeed been received. If you do not receive such an e-mail within two days, then something has gone wrong and we kindly ask you to resend it. The dates between which you wish to participate and the two courses you guarantee you will follow are obligatory fields of the application form. Once your application has been accepted you must register separately; the sole application is not sufficient.

    Duration of Stay: Participation must last an integer number of weeks (1, 2, 3 weeks etc. ). A week starts on a Monday and ends on a Sunday. Generally one is expected to arrive a day before the start date and leave on the end date (both Sundays). Our weeks consist of six working days – we have a day of vacation midweek, on Thursdays. On these days those who wish to go to the seaside or on organized trips (to Efes, boat tours, the National Park, etc.) do so.

    Each lecture lasts approximately 2 hours. There are usually at least 4 lectures a day. Participants may give night seminars on subject they are familiar with, and in fact are encouraged to do so, time permitting. Some courses may be held in English; hence participants are assumed to have sufficient knowledge of English to attend such a course.

    There is plenty of space in the Village to pitch tents. As we have a restricted amount of tents, we kindly ask you to bring your own tent if you have one.

    Excepting physical reasons, participants are expected to help with Village chores such as laundry, dishwashing, cleaning, gardening, and cooking. We aim to instil a feeling of family and brotherhood in the village – no one will be asked to do more than their capacity allows.

    Being younger, high school students will prioritarily be placed in the Village houses/dorms. Undergraduate and graduate students will mostly stay in tents. Experience shows that due to the greater freedom and independence it affords them, older students themselves prefer this arrangement. If you have any doubts about this subject please write to us. Though we can give no guarantees, you can be sure we will do our best to come to an arrangement which is satisfactory to you.

For questions about registration and application procedures
Orhan Bağadır (orhanbagadir@nesinvakfi.org), +90 533 207 12 04.  
Nesin Matematik Köyü Etkinlikleri

Programme (last updated on 1 August 2012)

To see the course abstracts individually click on the course name.

Remarks: The indexes 1, 2, and 3 at the top of the leftmost indicate the following levels:
1: Beginners, i.e. 1st, 2nd and 3rd year undergraduate.
2: Advanced undergraduate.
3: Graduate, i.e. masters, PhD etc.

1 2 3 L Title Instructor Course Title
16.07 23.07 30.07 06.08 13.08 20.08 27.08 03.09 10.09 17.09 Institiution
EN MSc. Selvi Kara Hilbert Functions, Free Resolutions and Betti Numbers İTÜ
EN MSc. Doğa Güçtenkorkmaz Fuchsian Groups Bilgi Ü.
EN Asst. Prof. Seyfi Türkelli Permutation Groups Georgia U.
EN Prof. Mahmut Kuzucuoğlu Universal Groups ODTÜ
EN Prof. Feride Kuzucuoğlu Bilinear Forms Hacettepe Ü.
EN Assoc. Prof. Cem Güneri Algebraic Coding Theory     Sabancı Ü.
EN Ms. Türkü Özlüm Çelik Uniform cell decompositon of p-adic numbers Bilgi Ü.
EN Asst. Prof. Flavia Stan Algorithms for Systems of Linear Diff. Eq. INRIA-Microsoft Research Center
EN Asst. Prof. Burcin Eröcal Symbolic Solutions of Linear ODEs TU Kaiserslautern
EN Asst. Prof. Jérôme Boulanger Variational Method for Image Processing and Computer Vision CNRS-Institut Curie
EN Asst. Prof. Leila Muresan Mathematical Foundation of Signal and Image Processing Ecole Normale Supérieure
EN Prof. Ali Nesin Oyun, Olasılık ve Strateji Bilgi Ü.
EN MSc. Maximilian Jaroschek Number Sequences RISC, Hagenberg
EN MSc. Hamid Rahkooy Introduction to Tropical Geometry RISC, Linz
EN Asst. Prof. Madalina Erascu Automated Theorem Proving RISC, Linz
EN Prof. Remzi Sanver An Introduction to Social Choice Theory Bilgi Ü.
EN Asst. Prof. Uğur Özdemir Oyunlar Kuramı - Game Theory Bilgi Ü.
EN Prof. Ahmet Alkan - İpek Sanver Eşleşme - Matching Sabancı ve Bilgi Ü.
EN Prof. Tayfun Sönmez Matching Markets: A Market Design Approach Boston College
EN Assoc. Prof. Özgür Kıbrıs Cooperative Game Theory Sabancı Ü.
EN Msc. Umut Keskin Decision Theory for Risk and Uncertainty Erasmus School of Economics
EN Asst. Prof. Şükrü Yalçınkaya Classical Groups Bilgi Ü.
EN Prof. Alexandre Borovik Concrete Group Theory  Manchester Ü.
EN Asst. Prof. Tonguç Rador Special Relativity and its applications Boğaziçi Ü.
EN Assoc. Prof. Adrien Deloro Introduction to the Representation of Groups Paris VI U.
EN Assoc. Prof. David Pierce Ultraproducts and their consequences Mimar Sinan GSÜ
EN Prof. Ayşe Berkman Groups and Geometry Mimar Sinan GSÜ
EN MSc. Haydar Göral Nonstandard Calculus Lyon Ü.
EN MSc. Uğur Efem Model Theory Oxford Ü.
EN Prof. Ali Nesin Generators and Relations (Group Theory) Bilgi Ü.
EN Prof. Ali Nesin Quadratic Reciprocity Law and more Bilgi Ü.
EN MSc. Doğa Can Sertbaş Analytic Number Theory Bonn Ü.
EN Asst. Prof. Ayhan Dil Topics in Classical Number Theory Akdeniz Ü.
EN MSc. Arif Mardin Distributions and their applications
EN Assoc. Prof. Mert Çağlar Riesz Spaces Kültür Ü.
EN Asst. Prof. Tunç Mısırlıoğlu Positive operators Kültür Ü.
EN MSc. Zafeirakis Zafeirakopoulos Number Theory and Polyhedral Geometry Johannes Kepler Ü.
EN Prof. Edouard Emelyanov Cones and Duality ODTÜ
EN Asst. Prof. Salih Durhan The Transseries Field ODTÜ, Kuzey Kıbrıs
EN Dr. Guido Sciavicco Introduction to Modal and Temporal Logic University of Udine
EN Prof. Ali Nesin Topics in Analysis Bilgi Ü.
EN Asst. Prof. Haluk Şengün Cohomology of SL_2(Z) and Number Theory   U. of Warwick
EN Prof. Sten Kaijser Some Classical Topics of Complex Analysis Uppsala U.
  EN Asst. Prof. Erhan Güler Elliptic Curves, Mordell-Weil Groups, Modular Forms and Modular Curves ODTÜ, Kıbrıs
EN Assoc. & Asst. Prof. Martin Hils, Özlem Beyarslan Galois Theory (a field guide to algebra) Paris VII Ü., Boğaziçi Ü.
EN Prof. Piotr Kowalski Group Cohomology Wroclaw Ü.
EN Asst. Prof. Pınar Uğurlu Character Theory with applications Bilgi Ü.
EN Prof. Ali Nesin Quadratic Forms and Classical Groups Bilgi Ü.
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