2013 Undergraduate and Graduate Summer School

  • DatesThe TMD (Turkish Mathematical Society) Undergraduate and Graduate Summer School will take place in the Nesin Mathematics Village between July 8th and September 22nd 2013. You will find the current state of the programme below, subject to possible later modifications.  
  • Aims
    To make use of the summer vacations of students of Mathematics departments, to help them make up for missing parts in their basic knowledge, to provide knowledge about certain areas which are not covered in the ordinary university curriculum due to time restrictions, to provide an environment where they can meet and socialize with mathematicians from Turkey and around the world, to facilitate scientific collaboration.
  • Who may participate?
    Any student registered in a university mathematics department may register for a suitable portion of the summer school. Exceptions can be made for students from other departments if enough places are available.
  • Fees
    The normal daily fee is 70 TL; the fee is 55 TL for those staying in tents. This covers accomodation, 4 meals a day and all the facilities that the Village offer. We are aware that many university students will be unable to afford even half of this fee, ande operate under the immutable principle that no-one is to be refused on monetary grounds. However, we end most of our summer schools with a deficit that we cannot recuperate from. Therefore, we hope that you will contribute to the summerschool withon your means. The Nesin Mathematics Village is a not-for-profit organization (how could it, abstract mathematics doesn`t sell!) and operates under the assumption of mutual understanding and trust. 
  • Information
    Application: Click here for the application form to the 2013 TMD Summer School. Your application will processed automatically. You will receive a confirmation e-mail to notify you that your application has indeed been received. If you do not receive such an e-mail within two days, then something has gone wrong and we kindly ask you contact us directly (contact information can be found on this page: The dates between which you wish to participate and the two courses you guarantee you will follow are obligatory fields of the application form. Once your application has been accepted you must register separately; only the application is not sufficient. Please specify on the form the amount of monetary support you require, if any.
    Duration of Stay: Participation must last an integer number of weeks (1, 2, 3 weeks etc. ). A week starts on a Monday at 08:00 and ends on the following Sunday at 20:00. Generally one is expected to arrive a day before the start date and leave on the end date (both Sundays). Our weeks consist of six working days – we have a day of vacation midweek, on Thursdays. On these days those who wish to go to the seaside or on organized trips (to Efes, boat tours, the National Park, etc. ) do so.
    Each lecture lasts approximately 2 hours. They may last 1,5 hours when the program is very full. There are usually at least 8 hours of lecture per day. More than one lecture will usually take place simultaneously. Participants may give night seminars on subject they are familiar with, and in fact are encouraged to do so, time permitting. Some courses may be held in English; hence participants are assumed to have sufficient knowledge of English to attend such a course.
    There is plenty of space in the Village to pitch tents. As we have a restricted amount of tents, we kindly ask you to bring your own tent if you have one.
    Excepting physical reasons, participants are expected to help with Village chores such as laundry, dishwashing, cleaning, gardening, and cooking. We aim to instil a feeling of family and brotherhood in the village – no one will be asked to do more than their capacity allows.

    Being younger, high school students will prioritarily be placed in the Village houses/dorms. Undergraduate and graduate students will mostly stay in tents. Experience shows that due to the greater freedom and independence it affords them, older students themselves prefer this arrangement. If you have any doubts about this subject please write to us. Though we can give no guarantees, you can be sure we will do our best to come to an arrangement which is satisfactory to you.

    Important Note: We urge you to pay attention to the registration message that will be sent to you after you have completed your application. Your registration to the summer school will not be complete until you have sent the registration form and completed the other necessary procedures. In other words, you must apply, then register; both procedures are necessary.
For questions about registration and application procedures
Ceren Aydın (cerenaydin@nesinvakfi.org)  
Nesin Matematik Köyü Etkinlikleri

Programme (last updated on 3 September 2013)

To see the course abstracts individually click on the course name.

Remarks: The numbers 1, 2, and 3 at the top of the leftmost columns indicate the following levels:
1: Beginners, i.e. 1st, 2nd and 3rd year undergraduate.
2: Advanced undergraduate, i.e. 3rd and 4th year undergraduate.
3: Graduate, i.e. masters, PhD, research etc.

B means the lecture can be either in English or in Turkish depending on the audience.

1 2 3 L Title Instructor Course Title
15.07 22.07 29.07 05.08 12.08 19.08 26.08 02.09 09.09 16.09 Institiution
1 1   B Prof. Yusuf Ünlü Series 1 1                   Yeditepe U.
1 1 1 B Prof. Ali Nesin Ring Theory 1 1                   Bilgi U.
  1 1 EN Prof. Adrien Deloro Classical Groups 1 1                   Paris VI
1 1 1 EN Prof. Alexandre Borovik SO(3, R): The Group Around Us 1 1                   Manchester U.
  1 1 EN Asst. Prof. Şükrü Yalçınkaya Introduction to representation theory of groups 1 1                   Bilgi U.
1 1 1 B Asst. Prof. Özlem Beyarslan Group Theory   1                   Boğaziçi U.
  1 1 EN Asst. Prof. Emre Coşkun Introduction to Algebraic Geometry – Algebraic Curves   1 1                 METU
1 1 1 B Prof. Ali Nesin Selected Topics in Analysis I     1                 Bilgi U.
  1 1 B Asst. Prof. Kemal Ilgar Eroğlu Topics in Measure Theory     1                 Bilgi U.
  1 1 B Dr. Serge Randiambololona Morse Theory     1                 Université de Savoie
  1 1 EN Asst. Prof. Seyfi Türkelli Topics in Arithmetic Geometry     1 1               Western Illinois U.
  1 1 EN Asst. Prof. Haluk Şengün A Concrete Introduction to Buildings     1 1               Warwick U.
1 1 1 B Asst. Prof. Özlem Beyarslan Field Theory and Galois Theory     1 1 1             Boğaziçi U.
  1 1 B Prof. Tosun Terzioğlu Selected Topics in Analysis II       1               Sabancı U.
  1 1 B Prof. Dr. Ayşe Berkman Multiply Transitive Group Actions       1               MSGSÜ
1 1 1 EN Doç. Dr. David Pierce Ancient Greek Mathematics       1               MSGSÜ
1 1 1 B Prof. Ali Nesin Ordinals and Cardinals         1             Bilgi U.
1 1   EN Msc. Benjamin Sánchez Lengeling & José Ibrahim Villanueva Indra`s pearls: A theoretical and applied exploration of Möbius transforms         1             University of Valencia and University of Padova
1 1   B Msc. Irmak Balçık Matrix Groups         1             Bilgi U.
  1 1 EN Asst. Prof. Ben Walter Algebraic Topology         1 1           ODTÜ
  1 1 EN Msc. Ali Derya Nesin Number Fields         1 1           Padova U.
1 1   EN Dr. İlker İnam Some Topics in Number Theory           1           Uludağ U.
  1 1 EN Msc. Franziska Jahnke Valued Fields           1           WWU Münster
  1 1 EN Prof. Mahmut Kuzucuoğlu Construction of some Infinite Simple Groups           1           ODTÜ
  1 1 B Msc. Cihan Pehlivan Some Topics in Computational Number Theory and Examples           1           Roma Tre
1 1 1 B Msc. Uğur Efem Non-Eucliedean Geometry           1           Oxford U.
  1 1 EN Msc. Haydar Göral Heights and Elliptic Curves           1 1         Lyon I U.
  1 1 EN Msc. Doğa Can Sertbaş Cryptography           1 1         Bonn U.
  1 1 EN Dr. Will Anscombe Godel`s Incompleteness Theorem             1         Oxford U.
1 1 1 B Msc. Cihan Pehlivan Some Topics in Number Theory             1         Roma Tre
  1 1 B Msc. Uğur Efem Algebraic equations to Galois Theory             1         Oxford U.
1 1 1 B Asst. Prof. Kerem Altun Applied Probability and Statistics             1         İstanbul Kemerburgaz U.
  1 1 EN Assoc. Prof. Piotr Kowalski Group Cohomology             1 1       Wroclaw U.
  1 1 EN Prof. Sten Kaijser Complex Analysis (with problem session)             1 1       Uppsala U.
  1 1 EN Mr. Arif Mardin Measure and Probability Theory             1 1        
  1 1 B Prof. Zafer Ercan Topology and Rings of Continuous Functions             1 1 1     AIBU
1 1 1 B Asst. Prof. Salih Durhan The Transseries Field               1       ODTÜ, Kıbrıs
1 1 1 B Asst. Prof. Alp Bassa Differential Equations               1 1     Sabancı U.
  1 1 EN Asst. Prof. Tunç Mısırlıoğlu Introduction to Operator Theory                 1     Kültür U.
  1 1 EN Msc. Türkü Özlüm Çelik C_i Fields                   1   Sabancı U.
  1 1 EN Asst. Prof. Atilla Yılmaz Introduction to Large Deviations                 1     Boğaziçi U.
  1 1 EN Dr. Juan Diego Caycedo Bounds in polynomial rings through non-standard analysis
                  1   Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg
  1 1 B Prof. Ali Nesin Lie Algebras                   1 1 Bilgi U.
  1 1 EN Msc. Hande Kul Ramification Theory                     1 Bilgi U.
  1 1 EN Prof. Max Dickmann Faithfully quadratic rings                     1 Université Paris 7
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